“Love the CD..honest tracks..great writing..Jamie tells a great story! ”

Bob Wallace, MD MIX 106 Owen Sound.


“New song and a great singer. I’m sure the listeners will like & love this product”

Hank Svenson, TCT 90.2 Sweden.


“Jamie Watling is a Ideal name for me, I enjoy listening to this lyric and music, special the songs “Son of a Factory”, “Farmer John Rock” and “Until the money’s gone”….”I wish him very good luck”…

Paul Stockholm, Galten Kanalen Radio/ Denmark


“Jamie Watling has plenty of potential on this CD, We look forward to future releases

Ross Murphy, 2-YOU-FM, West Tamworth, New South Whales,Austrailia


“Great , Drive It”

Max Achatz, Program Director, Country Jukebox, Munich


“Jamie is one to watch out for..He is a very versatile artist.Track 4 could be a hit for Neil Young.Lots of interesting tracks on this album and will bring great attention to this newcomer. I will keep Jamie on my play list..Great Stuff ”

Joe Vincent, JRRI, International Radio,Waterford, Ireland


“I’m very impressed with Jamie Watlings’s production. His CD is indeed enjoyable”

Kirsten Peterson, Radio Viborg, Denmark


“The CD is excellent. My favorite after two times listening and one time airplay is # 8

Robert Mauritzen, Country Radio, Copehagen


” This young man has a real talent for music, especially his songwriting reminds me of the songs Merle Haggard wrote in his best years…All in all I see possibilities for this young and handsome looking singer…Tracks I selected for airplay are…..”

Ted Clark, JR Radio Swalmen, The Netherlands.


” # No. 1-6-7-8 Thank You. Interesting voice…(We) Will play listed songs.”

Otto Waldoft, with the S.C.A.W.C. Copenhagen, Denmark


” I like the laid back pace…Sounds very honest.”

Bruce Leperre, CKDM, Dauphin, Manitoba


” Great Artist, Music and Lyric. My favorite songs are cut1 + cut 8 +7+10. Great sound”

Bente Kyed, Radio Vejlefjord, Vejle, Denmark


” Again thank you. It is one of the most interesting Independent releases I’ve heard in some time”

Dave Deeley, Sony Canada


” An excellent singer as easy can compare with famous country singer named Merle Haggard, and Jamie Watling have a nice clear voice, as are born for traditional country songs, and will be mentioned by me, as a high level artist, with the right style and sound.”

Dann Hansen, Radio VLR, Roksilde-Damp Radio 4000, Denmark


” Very Good album, I love it”

Alex Pijen, Bergen OP ZOOM, LRK Radio, Belgium


” The Jamie Watling Album, great songs, music and voice.”

Rene Hoffman, EVUVA Radio Station, Zurich, Switzerland


” The opening tune on (JW)’s debut album immediately grabs your attention, You’re brought back to the early hit sounds of Merle Haggard, and you get the feeling that someone has finally re-discovered the real essence and meaning of country music!”

Disc Reviews, country Music News Ottawa, Canada


” Good song, strong lyrics.Vocals are alive and well when this man is singing.”

Disc Reviews – Traditions Country Music Magazine, Ontario, Canada


” Sounds innocent, but fresh. The more I hear it finds my ear. I like the lyrics, and the fine harmony in the music.”

Allan Nielsen, Radio Viggo, FM90.1, Ringsted, Denmark